About Me

Red haired woman sitting on steps in a black mesh top.

Hi! I'm Mercedes! My stage name is BENZ and I am an independent artist in the Pop genre. I'm currently based in Philadelphia and have been in the music industry my entire life.

I grew up surrounded by creativity, art, and music. It's always inspired me! I was enrolled in every choir my mother could find, participated in art shows and singing competitions, and went to a performing arts high school as a Musical Theater major. After high school, I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston for a year before dropping out due to a lack of financial aid. This was my first real-life experience that showed me what life was going to be like as a "broke musician." After Berklee, I tried pursuing more "realistic" majors like business and social media marketing. As much as I loved the content I was learning, I just really hated school. It wasn't for me. So I got a job that allowed me to practice what I learned in school as a Social Media Marketing Manager and never looked back. 

Now, many years later, I work as a full-time musician playing gigs, writing and recording music, and helping other musicians, like you, grow their fanbase and social media presence! 

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